Overtaxed New Jerseyans already find it hard to make ends meet. We can’t afford extreme wage mandates that will raise prices on household items and services, kill jobs, and force local businesses to close.
Pledge to stop massive wage mandates
What's Happening?

Some lawmakers in Trenton are considering enacting a wage mandate — a nearly 80% cost increase — on businesses throughout the state. This means Jersey politicians will decide how much businesses pay their own employees. That’s not fair, and we won’t stand for it. Here’s why:

  • Wages should be decided between workers and their employers.
  • Local New Jersey businesses shouldn't be forced to choose between raising prices on goods and services and letting workers go or cutting their hours.
  • Seniors and people on fixed incomes can't afford higher prices on basic necessities and everyday services.
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  • In Seattle, WA, where the wage mandate is now $13/hour, a University of Washington study found that the average employee lost $125/month as a result of the increased wage mandate.

  • The same study found that over 5,000 low-wage jobs in Seattle were eliminated because of this massive 37% wage mandate increase. 

  • According to a study released by the Montgomery County government in Maryland, a $15 wage mandate in the county will eliminate 47,000 jobs, and result in an income loss of $396.5 million of income in just five years.
  • According to a study about wage mandates in Illinois, an increased mandate to $15 per hour could cost the state 382,200 jobs over the next 8 years.

  • Wage mandates sound like a good idea because it seems like workers would be paid more. But in reality, many low wage positions, entry level workers, and minors will have their hours severely cut back, or lose their job altogether. We can’t let that happen.
  • A recent University of Washington study showed that a 37% increased wage mandate in Seattle caused restaurant employees to work 9% fewer hours, causing them to lose approximately $125 per month.

  • According to research, a wage mandate could cost New Jersey almost 200,000 jobs.
  • Local businesses cannot absorb a 79% higher wage mandate. They will be forced to choose between increasing prices or cutting jobs in order to stay in business.

  • After Seattle's increased wage mandate took effect, local business owners became skeptical. One local restaurant owner who supports over 200 jobs said, "If I were to open another restaurant today, I would not open it in Seattle. In fact, I'm looking elsewhere." - CNN Money
  • Taxes in New Jersey are already too high. Wage mandates will force New Jersey’s state and local governments to increase taxes to pay for the unfunded mandates.

  • Many of New Jersey’s local businesses are dependent on regional supply chains. These regulations will increase their suppliers’ prices too, since they will also have to follow the mandate.
  • Research finds that higher wage mandates “will increase the price of goods and services.”

  • Many of New Jersey’s seniors are on fixed incomes. If the cost of basic necessities and services increase, it will have a dramatic impact on those whose incomes do not increase and can’t afford to pay for government mandates.
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Stand up for New Jersey's seniors, working families, and local business owners by pledging to stop a massive wage mandate in our state. New Jersey simply can't afford it.